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easyjet Removes Weight Restriction on Hand Baggage

today announced another pioneering development by introducing Europe’s most generous hand baggage allowance. It will better that offered by any other airline in Europe - even the Club Class allowances of the dinosaur national airlines!
From Monday 12th July, easyJet is removing the weight restriction (within reason able limits) on hand baggage for all passengers - making the flying experience faster and more efficient for many travellers.

In order to comply with safety regulations laid-down by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and to reflect the limited space in the overhead storage bins, there will be volume limit of 55x40x20 cm for the principal piece of hand baggage - the same as BA’s Club Class!

Passengers will also be entitled to take a small piece of personal luggage onboard - such as a handbag, camera bag, laptop etc.

This latest development will make it easier for passengers to make a quick exit from the airport and is likely to be particularly attractive to easyJet’s many business passengers who already fly with Europe’s number one low-cost airline to benefit from conveniently-located city airports (not airstrips miles away), 30 minute check-in times, high-frequency routes, great punctuality and some of Europe’s lowest fares.

easyJet Chief Executive, Ray Webster said: “Fat cats just lost their last excuse not to fly with easyJet. Our new hand baggage arrangements will give passengers the freedom to carry more than they could on British Airways Club Class - but without the extortionate fares.


“Our approach is all about pushing boundaries and reinventing the business model to make flying as simple as possible. easyJet already makes life easy for its customers by flying them from convenient local airports to Europe’s top destinations, saving them both time and money.

“Unlike some other airlines, easyJet is not working towards removing hold baggage. Airlines will always be restricted by the volume that can be carried in the overhead storage bins and easyJet does not believe that such significant limitations would be attractive to passengers.”