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Pelican System Opens US Office

Pelican System has announced the opening of an office in the United States. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the office will build on Pelican’s considerable success in Asia to introduce Pelican’s innovative online reservation and distribution system to the American market.

“We believe the unique features of Pelican system will attract significant attention from US hoteliers,” said H. Liman, director of Pelican System.  “Our ability to assign room allotment based on rate category and multi rates layer structure (US patent pending) will help hotels to greatly improve management of their allotment / rates, resulting in increased yield.”

Pelican is an Internet-based reservation system designed to manage all types of bookings, whether made directly by guests or through travel agents and corporate clients. Pelican system is designed to help hotels manage manual paper contracts with travel agents/corporate clients and offers instant confirmation for reservations from Internet users, travel agents and corporate clients from the hotel’s own website.

For Internet users (direct guests) Pelican will provide instant confirmation of reservations made through the hotel web site, and will notify the hotel’s reservation department though automatically generated e-mail messages.

For travel agents and corporate clients Pelican offers a feature called “Online Contracting,” which eliminates the need for paper-based, fixed-term contracts, allowing the hotel to set and adjust rates and allotments instantly according to seasonal period, special events, or unexpected demand.


Pelican system provides a secure link to agents and clients, allowing hotels to distribute confidential trade rates to pre-authorized recipients, and to share allotments among many agents and clients on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Each agent or client accesses the system directly from the hotel’s own web site with a unique login/password combination, allowing the hotel to assign each user to a specific group, and to determine the information and privileges each group will receive. 

With Pelican system, the hotel has complete control at all times, and can easily monitor activity through instantly generated summaries and full reports.