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When Lasers Fail

A leading vascular surgeon is seeing 15 patients a week who have unsuccessfully undergone laser treatments to rid themselves of thread veins on the leg and face.Ê They have complained that laser treatments have been painful and have presented with burns, bruising, impaired skin pigmentation and scarring.ÊConsultant Vascular Surgeon Mr Brian Newman MD FRCS has also trained over 120 UK surgeons who have expressed their dissatisfaction with laser treatments for thread veins.Ê He has taken video and photographic evidence to document each of the failed laser patients who have consulted him to try aÊ new technique for the treatment of fine thread veins, telangiectasia and rosacea* which he has pioneered.

The new treatment uses microwaves to heat the fine blood vessels and as soon as very high frequency energy is applied to them they immediately disappear in a process is known as thermo-coagulation, which causes the vein walls to stick together and collapse.Ê The energy is transferred to the affected area via an ultra-fine insulated needle to ensure a highly accurate application without affecting the surrounding skin and tissue.Ê Because of this, Veinwave can even be applied to areas of the body which until now have been too difficult to treat, such as the face, knees and ankles. As the treatment does not cause a loss of pigmentation, it can also be used on any kind of skin complexion.Ê

Prior to this advance, micro-sclerotherapy - which involves injecting an irritant into the vein - has been widely used for the removal of veins on the leg.Ê However this is generally less effective on finer veins and is not suitable for delicate areas such as the face and ankle.Ê Laser devises designed for hair removal have also been used for vein treatment, but the procedure is painful, offers limited success and carries the risk of burning, skin pigmentation and long term scarring.Ê

Veinwave is a specialist treatment and can therefore only be performed by a GP, General Surgeon or Vascular Surgeon, however, this walk in, walk out procedure is relatively painless, no bandaging is required and patients can resume their everyday activities immediately after the treatment.

The conclusions of a clinical survey on thermo-coagulation conducted by J M Chardonneau1 concluded that “No known method can take credit for better results.Ê Veinwave fits in with micro-sclerotherapy and laser but with less complications and superior results”.Ê It’s inventor, vascular surgeon, Mr Brian Newman concurs “This works where all other treatments - especially laser therapy - fail”.


Special clinics are held in throughout the UK by Mr Newman and the doctors he has trained, so if you suffer from thread veins telangiectasia or rosacea and would like to find the nearest doctor in your area treating patients with Veinwave, please visit or telephone 01204 842830.