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Rezgateway Launches Dynamic Packaging Tool

Reservations Gateway Inc announced the launch of their Dynamic Packaging tool (RezPackage) that enables travel inventory suppliers to provide dynamic packaging capability via their web sites. With RezPackage online shoppers can easily and accurately build their own trips, which includes - Air, Hotel, Cruise, and Travel Activities (golf, sightseeing tours, show tickets, attraction passes, etc).

Rezgateway CEO, Mesfin Eyob, said distributors and suppliers are looking at ways to increase the revenue per booking, develop customer loyalty and provide a total travel experience for online shoppers; and RezPackage is the perfect solution that will help them achieve those goals effectively and efficiently.
“With RezPackage, airline operators can provide booking capabilities for hotels and activities, hotel web sites can provide activity bookings and activity portals can provide hotel bookings. By having these components integrated, you are providing online shoppers a one-stop shop for all their trip requirements and are giving them the flexibility to customize their trip. For suppliers and distributors, the key benefits being the maximization of revenue and developing customer loyalty. It’s a win-win for everyone”, he said.

The different inventory components to build trips can come from the distributors’ or suppliers’ own contracted inventory and / or from 3rd party vendors or systems. For suppliers and distributors, who do not have access to travel inventory, Rezgateway could provide inventory vie its RIDE program (Rezgateway Inventory Distribution and Comparison Engine).

A key benefit of RezPackage is that Travel companies need not abandon their existing reservation systems to integrate the packaging tool; RezPackage could be easily added on to their existing systems with the help of seamless interfacing tools built by Rezgateway. For companies who wish to use the RezPackage system in its entirety, will have access to a complete back office system to manage rates and inventory of hotels, travel activities and pre set packages. In addition, RezPackage includes a reporting module; call center reservation system, marketing module and a distribution module.