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Transform Introduces Bio-Aclamid to Cosmetic Market

Transform Medical Group, the UK’s leading private cosmetic surgery provider, is launching Bio-Alcamid - a revolutionary new product set to change the face of cosmetic surgery for ever.ÊBio-Alcamid was developed primarily for reconstructive work, and has been widely used by the NHS to treat scarring and medical conditions such as facial wasting.Ê The product, now privately available for the first time through Transform, is perfect for cosmetic use.Ê

A water-based product with almost exactly the same consistency as soft body tissue, Bio-Alcamid is ideal for enhancing cheekbones, filling creases, defining the chin or creating fuller lips.Ê A non-surgical treatment, Bio-Alcamid is simply injected into the problem area to create a permanent result that retains a natural softness and subtlety.Ê

Dr Saleh, head of non-surgical treatments at Transform, comments:Ê “The development of Bio-Alcamid is extremely significant and is set to have a huge impact on the cosmetic surgery market.Ê It is one of the safest treatments available and its elasticity and plasticity makes it the ideal permanent soft tissue filler.Ê  Bio-Alcamid can lift the face and take years off a patient’s appearance providing long lasting results for deep lines and hollows”.

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