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Toshiba and IoD bring Wireless Computing Advice to UK Businesses

Toshiba Information Systems and the Institute of Directors (IoD) today

launched an online wireless computing business tool designed to educate and

advise UK businesses on how to benefit from wireless technology.  The

online system is the latest in a series of projects undertaken by Toshiba


and the IoD since the partnership began six months ago.

The online tool will provide users, typically business executives with

limited IT knowledge, with a selection of independent information and

advice on wireless computing.  With 97 percent of small businesses planning

on implementing wireless technology in the next 12 months, the resource

will ensure business managers consider all factors before making any

significant financial commitments to wireless.

The online tool will include:

á    Details of different ways to implement wireless computing and the
business benefits it can offer

á    Advice on using WiFi on the move, including a hotspot search engine,
details of train companies, hotels and airlines which are   implementing
wireless access points

á    Six steps to successful wireless implementation in the home, office
or on the move, including a guide to the perfect wireless       policy
á    Information on the mobile devices available to businesses and how
their use can help save time and money

á    A Directors Guide to Wireless Computing will be published in July
with independent comment covering topics including the rise     of
flexible working, WiFi futures and what wireless will mean to businesses

Jonathan Cummings, director of eMarketing e-business at the IoD said: “Many

small businesses are implementing wireless computing on an ad hoc basis and

are therefore not reaping the full benefits that this technology can bring

to a business.  The IoD and Toshiba site is designed to address just this -

outlining the key issues to be considered, and highlighting the practical

actions required to deliver the maximum business benefit of wireless



Neil Bramley, SMB manger, Toshiba Computer Systems Division added: “It is

the responsibility of everybody involved in the wireless computing industry

to ensure businesses are appraised of the benefits wireless technology can

offer them.  The number of companies that provide their workforces with

wireless computing equipment without first putting a strategy in place is

surprising.  A resource like this will offer businesses some guidance on

how to maximise their use of wireless technology whilst making sure that

all key factors like cost, security and training are considered.”