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Record Bookings Reported Through SabreSonicWeb

Sabre Airline Solutions
reported that the dollar value of airline tickets booked

through SabreSonic Web, a powerful airline direct booking tool, now tops

$250 million per month.  This represents nearly 80 per cent growth of total

SabreSonic Web bookings over a twelve month period. By the end of 2004,

Sabre Airline Solutions expects the dollar value of tickets booked through


SabreSonic Web to exceed $3 billion, and the number of tickets booked to

exceed 9.5 million tickets.

“We have made the investments to provide the most distribution options

available in the industry,” said Gianni Marostica, president of Airline

Passenger Solutions at Sabre Airline Solutions.  “SabreSonic Web addresses

airlines’ desire to offer travellers increasingly higher levels of service,

while at the same time attaining maximum operational efficiencies at the

lowest possible costs. By allowing passengers the convenience and

flexibility of shopping and booking online, carriers can achieve both.”


SabreSonic Web is part of the full SabreSonic suite, the first and only

passenger management solution built on new generation technology.  The

SabreSonic suite uses industry standard programming instead of proprietary

systems for critical airline operations such as pricing and shopping for

airline travel, ticketing and day-of-travel operations.  This makes it

significantly easier, faster and cheaper to implement new customer-oriented



SabreSonic Web encourages traveller self service by offering a variety of

full-service features.  Travellers can complete basic bookings and

cancellations online.  Hotel and car booking modules promote the airline

website as a single stop for travel and encourage travellers to book with

the carrier’s hotel and car partners.


The offering also includes robust shopping and pricing tools.  The

SabreSonic Web air search page offers travellers the ability to book by

itinerary or price, request non-stop flights, and select from one-way,

round trip or multiple destination searches.  SabreSonic Web can also be

configured to provide separate storefronts for specific airline needs such

as corporations and travel agents.  This helps carriers better serve the

specific needs of various customer segments.


“SabreSonic Web successfully delivers on an airline’s requirements to drive

online self service, provide robust shopping capabilities, leverage and

enhance airline product offerings and offer the flexibility to tailor the

online channel to meet the airline’s distribution objectives,” Marostica

continued. “And in doing so, airlines will find that they open new sources

of revenue and secure customer loyalty.”


SabreSonic Web can be purchased by airlines as part of the full line-up of

SabreSonic open systems offerings, or carriers can choose to implement the

offering as a stand-alone component.  Sabre Airline Solutions is the only

technology provider that is selling passenger solution components as well

as a full service solution. This component approach enables carriers to

take advantage of the new Internet booking engine that is easily

configurable to be compatible with airlines’ legacy systems, even if they

use an airline’s in-house or third party reservations system.