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HSI Announce Release of the Flagship Product

Solutions International (HSI), a division of MICROS Systems, Inc., and a
leading software developer, announces the next release of its flagship
product, Profit Series Point of Sale. This latest version is part of HSI’s continued enhancement and development of the Profit Series line of software and includes the introduction of over 180 new feature and functionality enhancements. Featured in this latest release is Terminal Offline functionality. This
exciting new feature allows customers continued use of their individual
POS terminals during planned or unplanned network or server outages.
Terminal Offline warns users of network communication loss by making the
current screen flash in bright red and leaving the background screen red
through the duration of the outage. By eliminating the dependence on
network connectivity during outages, the uninterrupted use of terminals
can prevent loss of existing sales and interruptions in customer service,
and assure preservation of time clock data.

High-speed credit card processing has also been added to this release.
Using a high-speed Internet connection, the Profit Series credit card
interface can now support multiple simultaneous approval requests for
high- volume establishments. The significant increase in response times
over dial- up connections, allows for improvements in customer service.

A new interface to Gift Card providers has also been added. Gift cards
replace clumsy manual gift certificate programs and provide brand
recognition using gift cards with a logo. Using existing credit card
readers, this new interface eliminates the need for separate gift card
hardware and features the ability to activate new cards, increase the
value of existing cards, perform balance inquiries, and redeem purchases.

HSI is also proud to announce the inclusion of a new Speed of Service
screen for use in conjunction with Kitchen Display systems. Customers can
take advantage of the ability to control the timing of food preparation
and service response times with a graphical representation of the order
status and location.

Also included in this release are new security features that comply with
Visa’s current CISP mandate, scheduled to become effective for some
members, merchants, and service providers by September 30, 2004. In order
to help business entities satisfy the new compliance requirements, HSI has
instituted card number masking, verified deletion of all non-essential
transaction data, and implemented the 128-bit Rijndael version of AES
encryption for all credit card data and credit card related network
traffic between HSI software components.


The HSI Profit Series Point of Sale System is an easy to use, scalable,
windows-based, point-of-sale solution designed to fit into nearly any
hospitality environment. The simplicity of design is backed by
extraordinary capability and intuitive graphics. The Profit Series POS
links front-of-house and back-office applications in a real-time format
and system changes may be made instantly even as the system is operating.

HSI will be at HITEC 2004 June 22-24 in Dallas, TX. Stop by the HSI booth
#707 to view the Profit Series Point of Sale system and other HSI