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Accuvia Becomes IH&RA Worldwide Partner

The International Hotel & Restaurant Association (“IH&RA”) announced today that it has welcomed Accuvia as a Worldwide Partner and, as such, has elevated Accuvia to the status of “IH&RA Preferred Technology Partner.“As part of this agreement, Accuvia will make available its various products and services to IH&RA members at special member rates and will also be a part of various industry efforts supported by IH&RA to educate its members and promote technology globally.

In making the announcement, IH&RA CEO Alain-Phillipe Feutré  said, “Working side by side with IH&RA over the past 5 years on many initiatives, Accuvia has provided unyielding support and recognition of IH&RA and its leadership in the global hospitality and foodservice industries. This new level of Worldwide Partnership, which provides for the Preferred Technology Partner status, is well deserved recognition of the support and commitment that Accuvia has shown IH&RA over the years. By offering benefits to IH&RA members through education and information, Accuvia proves its commitment to the industry and its role as a key industry player in providing operations-based technology solutions for industry challenges.”

Under the current relationship, Accuvia co-produces Hostec-EurHotec and now the new Hostec Marketplaces throughout Europe. Outside of Europe, Accuvia produces Hostec and FS/TEC with IH&RA’s endorsement and provides special opportunities for IH&RA members to come together and learn about technology in their local regions.

Rob Grimes the Chairman and CEO of Accuvia remarked, “We are honored to be an IH&RA Worldwide Partner. We believe IH&RA to be the leading industry organization to represent the best interests of operators and suppliers alike in the hospitality and foodservice industries around the world.” Rob further commented, “One of Accuvia’s main goals is to provide a forum by which the industry can become better educated on the critical role that technology will play in the growth and prosperity of the hospitality and foodservice industries. By partnering with IH&RA, we believe we can accomplish this goal.”

Accuvia’s interests are global in not only producing events around the world, but also through its publications under the Hospitality TechAdvisor (“HTA”) and the Foodservice TechAdvisor (“FTA”) brands.  These publications will become part of the offerings to IH&RA members and Accuvia will also publish technology-focused articles and white papers for various IH&RA publications and presentation at IH&RA events such as the upcoming 41st Annual IH&RA Congress to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, November 19-22,  2004.


Alain-Philippe Feutré concluded the announcement by saying,  “This is an exciting enhancement to the long-standing relationship between IH&RA and Accuvia. It is a new level of service to be offered to IH&RA members in the very critical area of technology.”