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Shangri-La Aims for Authentic Italian Cuisine

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is to launch a joint programme with the Italian Trade Commission (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade-I.C.E.), to introduce authentic Italian gastronomy throughout many of the Shangri-La hotels in Asia, starting June 2004. The programme will include three components: training workshops; food promotions; design concept enhancement for Shangri-La’s existing and new Italian restaurants. Twelve chefs from twelve of the group’s hotels in Asia including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, will go through an eight-day intensive training in Hong Kong from 21 to 28 June, conducted by experts from Italy: Mario Musoni and Theo Penati from the cooking school ALMA La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana; and Massimo Billetto from wine institute Istituto del Vino Italiano di Qualità Grandi Marchi. The training courses include culinary creativity based on authentic Italian cuisine; restaurant management; food promotions; food and beverage procurement; preparation of Italian menu; management of service staff; and marketing activities to promote the image of the restaurant.

Upon completion of the training, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission (I.C.E) , a new menu and wine list will be implemented in the Italian restaurants in these twelve hotels.

Following the training, Italian food promotions will be organised in eight cities in China in the coming autumn. Lasting for eight days in each city, the food promotions will be presented by two chefs and a sommelier from Italy, organised by the Italian Trade Commission (I.C.E.).

Supported by I.C.E., experts from Italy including architects and interior designers will also be invited to introduce the latest concepts and innovation of Italian restaurants, to five Shangri-La hotels in China.

The programme is planned to take place in China, covering various aspects such as culinary creativity of authentic Italian restaurant; furnishing and settings; cutlery and table linen; audio / video combination; management of service staff; and many more. These ideas and concepts will be implemented where a new Italian restaurant is developed or an existing Italian restaurant is to be upgraded.


Commenting on these extensive programmes, Jean Michel Offe, Shangri-La’s Group Director of Food & Beverage, said: “To strengthen our commitment to the tradition of Italian cuisine in our hotels, and with the support of I.C.E., we aim to create an Italian restaurant concept of a relaxing yet sophisticated dining environment, while the cuisine is a blend of modern and traditional Italian flavours, authenticity is the key.”