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Nikko Hotels Installs Optims Revenue Management System

Optims S.A.
is pleased to announce the implementation of City.Optims Revenue Management System in the the Nikko Hotel Mexico City.This 744 bedroom hotel is one of Mexico City’s finest and busiest hotels and is one of the first properties in the city to install a Revenue Management solution. Interfacing with Fidelio Version 7 Oracle as well as 30 other PMS solutions, City.Optims is designed to optimise multiple revenue streams and give detailed analysis of their varied business mix.

Francisco Pacheco, IT Director for Nikko Hotel Mexico City states ” Having been to see Optims at their offices and having met with other users, we are confident that Optims has the products and experience to deliver extensive revenue improvement for this Nikko flagship hotel. Optims is also able to interface with our Pegasus CRS solution and this was a key factor for us.”

“This contract really was a team project in the hotel” says Delfo Melli, Director International Business Development, Optims RMS. “At all stages many departments were included in the decision process and we had to show and prove both the operational benefits and the increased and enhanced overall understanding of their business they would see using Optims.”

Jorge Mendez, CEO of the Optims Distributor in Mexico: Grupo Mendez Nava, was instrumental in helping Optims win this important customer.

The Optims Group now has over 6,500 customers in 70 countries with 20 offices and partners around the world. With over 700 Revenue Management Systems (RMS) installed, Optims is also the leading RMS supplier.