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LodgeNet Announces Major Milestones

Entertainment Corporation , one of the world’s largest providers of
interactive television systems and broadband services to the hospitality
industry, has announced the following in advance of its appearance next
week at the HITEC 2004 lodging technology show in Dallas: LodgeNet now provides on-demand services and/or satellite programming to
more than one million guest rooms worldwide.—435,000 of the Company’s
guest rooms—46% of its total interactive room base—are served with
digital systems delivering hotel-specific mixes of on-demand movies,
games, music and music videos, along with shorter form entertainment like
previously aired TV programs and special-interest features.—All of the
Company’s digital rooms feature the value added convenience of LodgeNet’s
On-Screen Controls feature, which enables guests to control their in-room
entertainment experience by skipping forward or back, pausing, or saving
their place to resume playing later. LodgeNet is the first company to
receive approval from all the major movie studios for enhancing the
delivery of in-room entertainment in this way.—Since debuting its
sigNETure TV(SM) marketing and entertainment system at HITEC 2003,
LodgeNet has delivered customized solutions for six major lodging brands,
with development in progress for a seventh. Between these solutions and
other sigNETure TV contracts, the Company’s sigNETure TV base numbers more
than 160,000 guest rooms representing a wide cross-section of brands,
market segments and geographic locations.

“We have reached these milestones as a result of offering robust solutions
to our hotel customers,” said Scott C. Petersen, President & CEO for
LodgeNet. “Our next focus is on integrating the TV and laptop platforms
into one dynamic, guest focused solution that offers optimal entertainment
and productivity through platform synergies to drive maximum guest
satisfaction and enhanced revenue opportunities for hoteliers.”

LodgeNet is showcasing its full range of TV and HSIA sigNETure Solutions
at Booth 1512 of the Dallas Convention Center, June 22-24. More
information can be found at .