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Spice Island Beach Resort takes dining to another level

Known for its luxurious rooms and picture-perfect, beach front setting, Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada has also earned a reputation for its use of local food in achieving gastronomic excellence.
The chefs at Spice Island Beach Resort believe in using the best quality food, incorporating plenty of local cuisine into menu selections, and creative presentation in order to provide guests at the property with an unparalleled dining experience.

Since Grenada is the “Isle of Spice,” the resort maintains an extensive herb garden with basil, seasoning peppers, rosemary, “shadow benny” (the island’s local cilantro) and “big leaf thyme” (marjoram), which chefs use to enhance many of the dishes.

Dining at Spice - regardless of the meal or time of day - is distinctively Grenadian, from the cuisine and island setting to the warm hospitality of the people. Spice encourages the restaurant staff to pay attention to even the smallest of details - from the instant guests are seated, to the moment they leave the restaurant, so the dining experience is nothing short of perfect.

At the helm of Spice’s culinary offerings is Mark Banthorpe, executive chef. To his position, Banthorpe brings an imaginative international flair, which is reflected in Spice’s menu selections and buffets. Before coming to Spice, Banthorpe was the executive chef at the Puckrup Hall Hotel where he was responsible for a 150-seat restaurant, and the head chef at the Chilworth Manor Hotel and Conference Centre.