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ANZ Offers Special Trade Deal Through Abacus

Air New Zealand has successfully utilised Abacus’ latest marketing solution - Abacus PromoSpots - to publicise their special industry fares promotion for travel to New Zealand from South East Asia. The ‘Being There is Everything’ promotion, which began on 24 May 2004, is open to members of the travel industry in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka for travel to New Zealand from 1 June 2004 to 31 August 2004. As an example, travel agents can fly return economy class from Singapore to Auckland or Christchurch for just USD288 or from Singapore to Queenstown for USD478. Accompanying family and friends also enjoy special rates.

“While we have only just launched our promotion, I’m confident of a considerable uptake on the offer due to the immediate high visibility we’ve had with all Abacus-connected travel agencies in the Southeast Asia region through Abacus PromoSpots,” said Ng Nai Shon, Manager, South East Asia.

Abacus PromoSpots is a fully customisable marketing tool for air and non-air vendors in Asia Pacific, which highlights promotional information on the booking screens of all Abacus-connected travel agents. Vendors can activate and even alter promotional information in just three days of submission, allowing for dissemination of highly timely promotional offers.

“Air New Zealand has a great offer for travel agents and Abacus PromoSpots is able to help bring it to the direct attention of Air New Zealand’s target audience. There is great potential for solutions such as this as marketing messages reach travel agents during the booking process,” said Mr Rogelio Sarreal, Vice President and Head of Associate Sales, Abacus International.

“Be it for an industry offer such as this, or for an offer that goes out to the traveller, Abacus PromoSpots ensures that any promotional message reaches its target audience when it is most receptive. Also, with Abacus’ extensive reach in the Asia Pacific, vendors are ensured of high visibility within the region,” said Mr Sarreal.