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New Low Fares Carrier Available on Amadeus

As the European Union expands to include
ten new member states, SkyEurope Airlines is growing its channels of distribution and
can now be booked via Amadeus.In a move to broaden commercial and marketing reach beyond its home markets,
SkyEurope has chosen to participate in Amadeus, enabling the 60,000 plus
travel agents connected to the global distribution system (GDS) to book
seats on the airline.

With bases in Poland and the Slovak Republic, SkyEurope flies to 18 European
destinations, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the
Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  SkyEurope CEO, Christian Mandl, says,
“travel agencies can book seats through SkyEurope’s website, however, by
bringing our low fare content into the GDS, we gain more bookings while
offering travel agents a simpler and cost-effective alternative booking
process, which is fully integrated with their day-to-day selling and billing

SkyEurope joins close to 500 airlines that are currently available through
Amadeus, among them many low fare airlines.  Contrary to public perception
that low cost carrier fares are not distributed via the GDS, currently, 21
out of the world’s 62 low cost carriers are distributing through Amadeus,
reinforcing the value of the GDS as a complement to a low fare airline’s
online sales channel.

“Amadeus has a strong market presence in many of the countries where
SkyEurope flies to,” adds David Doctor, Amadeus’ Director for Airline
Marketing and Sales. “We help them reach a wider number of passengers,
fuelling their growth with a low marketing spend, while securing valuable
low fare content for our travel agency partners.”