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One Click, One Stop, 1,100 Charter Yachts

International Yacht
Charter Group, a worldwide yacht chartering service, has introduced its
PowerhouseCharter partner program, offering direct access to a “one click,
one stop” database of over 1,100 crewed yacht charters. Travel professionals and other luxury tier marketing providers can sign-up
for free. From their web site, members can then offer their customers and
clients direct access to a powerful tool in researching every size, price,
and location of crewed yacht charters available anywhere worldwide. See

“We’re confident this program will help to generate awareness about yacht
chartering vacations and provide people with exciting new options for
luxury travel,” says International Yacht Charter Group President Janet

International Yacht Charter Group manages each yacht sale and booking, and
program members receive lead-generated revenues for every charter sale.
The program offers:

Free Access—Travel professionals can offer their customers direct
access from their web site to search over 1,100 worldwide luxury crewed
yachts—with every yacht size, price, type, and destination available

Revenue-Generating—The PowerhouseCharter system tracks leads generated
from a partner’s site and they receive a commission for each charter sale.


Experienced, Outsourced Service—International Yacht Charter Group does
all the work—researches, arranges, and books the charters on your

Quick Registration—Partners receive a unique user ID and direct access
to the database from their own web site.

Repeat Charter Sales—Partners will continue to receive commissions from
repeat charter customers.

“I’m excited by the recognition our company and web site have achieved,”
Bloomfield continued, “We’ve experienced increased interest from a number
of potential partners in the travel and luxury marketing arena.”

For more information, please contact the International Yacht Charter Group
at 1-866-492-4768, internationally at 1-954-48-5053, or visit our web site