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Beauty Haven Heaven in Shoreditch . . .

Tucked away in the heart of the city is the Parlour, the beauty speed dial for every London girl with more life than time!  Owner Angela Lenci has spent years listening to her clients’ deepest beauty wishes and created the Parlour to be the answer to every busy girl’s prayers.  The interior is like stepping into a turn of the century boudoir with luxurious chandeliers, Louis IX chairs and sumptuous pink anaglyptic wallpaper.  Arriving at the Parlour tired and hungry, Angela and her staff will produce a glass of reviving champagne and even the most delicious fries straight from Home restaurant next door!  It’s simply beauty heaven!!

Time in Retreat

What Angela has found more than any other concern is that her clients want to fight time.  So she put together a one-stop, all encompassing range of treatments to tackle time, once and for all.  Once your specific needs have been diagnosed, choose from treatments including facials with anti-ageing specialists, MD Formulations or Glycolic Peels - or if something more long-terms is needed, book to see the Parlour’s in-house Skin Doctor and Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr Paul Myers (LRCP, MRCS, DRCOG, FRCGP).  Dr Myers offers on-site Botox and dermal fillers as well as advice on any skin complaints (supported by a 24 hour advice line - [email protected]) - and an on-going programme to follow at home.

The Breakfast Blow-Out

To be a truly glossed and glammed chick and to make a good impression at that all important meeting / interview / date - the Breakfast Hair Blow Out is the only way to start the week.  Combined with fresh croissants from Apostrophe, who needs to wrestle with home hair driers?  Book a regular appointment to join the ranks of the always beautiful . . .

The Parlour Style Sessions

Ok.  You should know how to apply makeup by now, but somehow it never quite looks right.  Or you want to update your look but don’t know where to start.  Start by calling the Parlour - Angela has put together a syllabus of classes to teach how to create the perfect up-do in seconds, apply make-up seamlessly and blow like a pro! The finishing school for glamour girls everywhere!

The Perfect Boyfriend Gift Package

It’s the perfect gift - for him and for you!!  This tailor-made gift package will take your nearly-cool boyfriend and turn him into a cross between David Beckham and Guy Ritchie - and he won’t even notice what you’re up to!!  Rid him of his minor imperfections in one fell swoop -  no more dry cracked feet, the end of the furry back and no more unsightly nails!  What more could a girl want?  Oops, and of course, your boyfriend will love it too . . .


Beauty Over-Haul

Talking to clients has made Angela realise how difficult it is to fit appointments all over London into an even marginally busy diary, so she decided to make the Parlour the only health and well-being number you’ll ever need.  With a Smythson Health & Beauty Diary full of the numbers of the best yoga practitioners, pilates instructors, wardrobe specialists, makeup artists, kick boxing teachers and dieticians in London, the Parlour is a one-stop step to a better, healthier lifestyle.  All of Angela’s hand-picked therapists will work from the Parlour or travel to your home, and come with the Parlour stamp of approval.

The Parlour is located at 3 Ravey Street, London EC2, tel. 020-7729 6969.  [email protected]