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Sample the ‘Best of Barbados’

The Barbados Tourism Authority is delighted to announce the return of the popular “Best of Barbados” program for 2004, offering travelers to the island great savings on flights, accommodations, dining, and car rental.The “Best of Barbados” program offers savings on popular island activities, including 50% discounts on submarine rides, golf excursions, and island tours.

Visitors also receive a “Best of Barbados” shopping card offering 15% discounts in participating shops when making purchases of US$25 or more.

“The ‘Best of Barbados’ program has proven to be the most successful travel promotion in the Caribbean since its launch in July, 2002,” says Mr. Bill Silvermintz, Vice President of Marketing for the Americas at the Barbados Tourism Authority.

“It has become so because it addresses the real, not simply perceived, needs of the long stay visitor - those being the need to fly to the Caribbean, the need for accommodations and the need to eat.” “We are pleased to bring back this program for 2004, and are confident it will result in a continued strong growth for Barbados for the rest of the year.”

The “Best of Barbados” offers consumers a true savings of approximately $600 per couple, which is almost the equivalent of a free airline ticket to Barbados.