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BVI gets ready for Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival

The BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival begins in less than one short week at Nanny Cay Marina, which is the regatta host and sponsor. The festivities will start on March 29th with the Sailing Festival followed by the Sailing Regatta, which will be held from April 2nd - 4th.In preparation Nanny Cay is doing some last minute sprucing up, including dredging the marina to create a new beachfront for the regatta village. The dredging will also allow big boats to dock at the marina.

“With more depth in the channel, all of our large visiting racing boats can come into Nanny Cay and not need to worry about securing dockage outside the regatta site. This will be much more convenient for everyone and also hopefully encourage some of the big boats that don’t always come to our regatta to give us a try,” says Bob Phillips, BVI Spring Regatta Chairman.

Beaches will be expanded between the swimming pool and breakwater creating a larger area than the existing regatta village site, which is located further inland, by using the sand taken from the dredging of the marina. This space will help create a “dinghy park” for the beach cats and a new and improved regatta village.

A two year plan has recently been created by Nanny Cay to develop the premier event facility in the British Virgin Islands. Some of the plans include upgrading the bars and restaurants, permanent booths for vendors, a permanent sound stage and running power throughout the area.

“I want to make it a ‘sand between your toes’ kind of venue that is first class and comfortable. We have a master planning architect working on the project and from the preliminary drawings and plans I’ve seen, I’m confident that we’re going to have a venue that is not only the best in the BVI but also the Caribbean,” said Cameron McColl, owner of Nanny Cay Marina.