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American Airlines Expands Self-Service Check-In

American Airlines today announced it is offering Long Beach Airport
passengers more access to its popular AA Self-Service Check-In(R) machines
with the installation of two additional machines in the airport’s newly
renovated area across from the main American Airlines ticket counter.
American Airlines travelers who frequent this airport for its nonstop
commercial services to Dallas/Fort Worth and New York City now have access
to a total of four AA Self-Service Check-In machines. Additional check-in
alternatives include Flight Check-In at, Curbside Check-In and
face-to-face check-in with American’s accommodating airport agents.
Even passengers with luggage to check can quickly use the AA Self-Service
Check-In machines—receiving their boarding pass often in less than 90
seconds. To take advantage of this user friendly check-in alternative,
customers simply touch the screen to start and follow the displayed
instructions. In addition to checking in up to nine passengers on one
itinerary, these machines also recognize first and last names—making
family travel convenient and fast.

“Doubling the number of Self-Service Check-In machines at Long Beach
Airport is part of our continued commitment to offer increased convenience
and alternatives to our customers,” said Maya Leibman, managing director -
Airport Automation at American. “More than 60 percent of domestic
travelers choose to use some form of automated check-in when they travel
with us—from Flight Check-In at to AA Self-Service Check-In
machines. As we see this trend increase, we are committed to providing
increased access to AA Self-Service Check-In machines in 2004.”

Today, customers can check in, check bags, change seats, standby for
alternate flights and upgrade at more than 700 AA Self-Service Check-In
machines and more than 330 Curbside units at more than 90 locations across
the country. AA Self-Service Check-In machines are just one example of how
the airline is providing its customers with choices to enhance their
travel experience. For example, passengers can also check in and print
their own boarding pass at up to 30 hours before their scheduled
flight. In fact, Flight Check-In at continues to hit record highs.
American Airlines also offers Flight Status Notification via voice or text
messages so customers can receive proactive updates on flight times, gate
and departure information.

The wide array of travel options American provides its customers reminds
them that only American offers its customers more: more routes, more
flights, more great service and the industry’s best frequent-flyer program.