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Datalex Strengthens Alliance with Dolphin Dynamics


has recently launched a joint initiative with Dolphin Dynamics to provide an Application Service Provider (ASP) solution that allows travel agents to efficiently and quickly access and manage a wide range of negotiated fares contracts for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, attractions and much more.
Resulting from the successful implementation last year of joint Datalex and Dolphin technology in one of the leading UK independent travel specialists, Travelbag, this latest collaboration offers Datalex a new channel to market in co-operation with Dolphin. It fulfils a niche in the market by providing an affordable way for smaller agents to access world-class technology without the typical large up front investment required.

“Exploiting technology to gain its full commercial value may present a daunting challenge for some travel agents in terms of up front capital investment and technological resources,” said Damian Hickey, SVP Business Development, Datalex. “The Datalex/Dolphin ASP solution offers a simple and cost-effective alternative for travel companies that wish maintain a competitive edge, increase productivity and also diversify into new business areas without the financial or technological commitments associated with implementing their own solution.”

In addition to providing comprehensive fares storage for air and land negotiated fare information, including net rates, IT rates, customer rates, taxes, currencies and mark-ups, Dolphin Private Fares also offers real time GDS availability for both published and negotiated air fares and allocations management for hotels. With Dolphin Private Fares, travel consultants can focus on the business of selling and dynamically building customised itineraries and packages without having to understand the complexities of contracts and pricing issues. Its also provides a single display for Web, net, and published fares.

Dolphin Dynamics President, Roberto Da Re said, “Dolphin Private Fares dramatically increases our customers’ ability to manage and sell a wide range of products in a variety of ways. For Dolphin Dynamics, the release of the Dolphin Private Fares suite is just the beginning of our expansion into other product areas and another step in our goal to develop a completely integrated office automation and selling platform.”