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British Airways to allow greater access to phones onboard

British Airways to allow greater access to phones onboard

British Airways is set to become the first European carrier to allow passengers to switch on mobile phones just after landing.

Saving precious second, passengers will now be allowed to activate devices the moment the wheels hit the floor, rather than waiting until the aircraft has come to a stop at the gate.

Airlines in other countries have permitted the practice for some time.

However, the Civil Aviation Authority has now said it is satisfied there are no safety implications with the change.

“Customers will no longer have the frustration of having to wait until their plane has arrived at the terminal building before being able to use their mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices,” explained Ian Pringle, BA flight training manager.

“Now they will have that extra time to phone ahead for that important business meeting, check their emails, or make sure someone is there to meet them at the airport.”

European airlines have barred passengers from using phones while the plane is in motion for fear of interference with equipment.

However, it is questionable how much of an impact the rules have had, with passengers frequently flouting the rules.

The rules will not affect restrictions during take-off, however, where devices will still have to be switched off until the plane reaches 10,000ft.