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British Airways launches improved distribution capability with KAYAK

British Airways launches improved distribution capability with KAYAK

British Airways has launched a New Distribution Capability alongside travel search engine KAYAK.

KAYAK is integrating British Airways in its facilitated booking path by using the British Airways developed NDC.

This will enable customers to have a better booking experience by directly booking British Airways flights through KAYAK websites.

This NDC launch, which will see customers able to book both direct and connecting flights, also allows KAYAK to be the first travel company to offer customers the ability to pay for their preferred seat on British Airways flights via their site.

Previously, this could only be done on


NDC is the International Air Transport Association’s programme that improves communications between airlines, travel agents and other travel players like KAYAK, by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations around product differentiation, time to market, access to full and rich content and the transparency of the shopping experience.

Ian Luck, head of distribution for British Airways, said: “With every new adoption of NDC we see more elements launching - in KAYAK’s case, the ability to book and pay for preferred seating and guarantee customers the seat they want.

“There’s a great impetus behind NDC now and we’re seeing real interest and engagement from the travel industry.

“It’s a great way to bring our products and services to life. It demonstrates the real value that British Airways offers, including all of the elements that go in to the fare, enabling them to manage bookings in a way that was previously only available on”

Other recent NDC developments from the airline have included the ability to pre-book additional luggage, advise the airline of catering requests (pre-order in Club World and First, pre-paid enhanced meal options in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus and special meal orders), add Executive Club and On Business numbers to bookings and pay British Airways via IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan.

Annie Wilson, vice president business development Europe at KAYAK, said: “We are very excited to have British Airways integrated into our facilitated booking path.

“This is a great opportunity for our users to have a better experience by searching and booking flights directly on our sites.”