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British Airways launches check-in app

British Airways launches check-in app

British Airways has joined the growing technological revolution in aviation with the launch of a app allowing passengers to check-in with a smart phone.

The moves will allow members of the BA Executive Club to use their iPhone, Blackberry or Android to display new Mobile Boarding Passes on their phones. These can be scanned at check-in to speed up and enhance the boarding process.

The move follows similar launches at airlines around the world, with Southwest Airlines and Etihad Airways leading the way earlier this year.

Chris Davies, head of digital marketing at British Airways, said: “Mobility and convenience is key for our customers, so that no matter where they are, they can turn to their mobile phones to find the very latest information about flights, check in times and even access boarding passes allowing them to stay one step ahead.


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The British Airways application will also offer passengers an easy-to-use and stylish new interface, offering instant access to Executive Club details and updates on flights.

“The Mobile Boarding Pass feature for Executive Club iPhone users will be especially welcome for those customers unable to print off their own boarding cards when returning from overseas,” added Mr Davies.
“It is all about improving the customer experience.”

The app – which has already been downloaded by more than half a million passengers - will also provide improved flight information, a dedicated travel news section, FAQs, and a Twitter news feed for iPhone users.

Functionality to allow customers to board using electronic boarding cards is being rolled out on both domestic and international routes.