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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie charter private train for Glasgow trip

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie added a touch of glamour to Virgin Trains earlier, specially chartering an entire train to take them to Glasgow Central.

The trip was organised as a treat to the pair’s six children, and is believed to have cost around £40,000.

Pitt would have finally had a chance to enjoy the British countryside after spending several weeks in London filming his latest movie, zombie thriller World War Z.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Trains confirmed the couple had chartered the train, but refused to comment on the cost.

She said: “We offer a bespoke service depending on the customer, so the price would depend on the individual.

“People have all sorts of requirements and we couldn’t discuss details of an individual request.”

However, the couple let down fans on arrival, climbing straight into a blacked-out people-carrier on the platform.

Such was the demand from the crowd to see the A-listers, a Brad lookalike was sent down the platform to fool onlookers.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Due to the large number of spectators in the station, it was necessary to restrict access to some platforms to prevent them becoming congested.

“Passengers with a valid ticket were still able to travel as planned.

“It was in the interests of the safe operation of the station to get the cast and crew out as quickly as possible by using the driveway rather than walking them through the station.”