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Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa selects Infor Hospitality

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa selects Infor Hospitality

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, in in Atlantic City, has selected Infor Hospitality to help create a more efficient time and attendance management system. Infor Time and Attendance for Casinos and Infor Workforce Performance will help the organisation to reduce payroll costs, automate pay rules, and provide clear visibility into every aspect of labor.

*  Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa chose Infor because of the company’s ability to provide business software that would simplify the workforce management process. The solution integrates into other third-party applications with intuitive interfaces and preserves the organisation’s clock hardware investment.

*  Infor Workforce Time & Attendance for Casinos will automate employee balance accruals and time-off requests, producing a more accurate staffing schedule for managers to review in real-time.

*  A web-based solution, Infor Workforce Performance will provide Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa with real-time strategic insight into key performance indicators, so staff can spend less time searching for information and more time doing job-specific tasks. Infor Workforce Performance helps organisations identify and eliminate unnecessary labor costs, analyse actual performance against expected performance and spot performance problems early.

*  Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa will also benefit from enhanced employee attendance management. The new system delivers software that maintains detailed attendance histories for employees, recognises individual or group patterns, and proactively notifies supervisors when necessary.


“From full-service hotels, to gaming, to alternative lodging, specialised applications from Infor Hospitality give our customers the dependability and accuracy they need to help run a successful, dependable operation,” said Stewart Applbaum, senior vice president, Hospitality, Infor. “Infor applications provide management and staff with enhanced visibility and tools to make more informed business decisions, control costs and adapt to changing conditions on the go, which is critical for success in such a fast-paced industry.”