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Beijing International Tourism Expo & North China Travel Fair 2010

Beijing International Tourism Expo & North China Travel Fair 2010

1.  Unprecedented scale and highly notable
With a total exhibition space of 22,806 square metres, the exhibition was held at China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) and the exhibition saw a 14% increase in exhibition space. 82 countries and 25 provinces (with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) participated in the show, contributing to 796 exhibitors and 214 hosted buyers for BITE & NCTF 2010. From the previous year, exhibitors increased by 34.2% and hosted buyers increased by 7%. Together with Beijing Tourism Administration’s Deputy Director Generals, ambassadors, ministers and VIPs from more than 31 countries graced the event with their attendance. 30,000 professional visitors and 100,000 public visitors attended BITE & NCTF 2010 bringing in a revenue of 2.9 billion yuan (16% increase from the previous year) and direct spending of 86 million yuan (19.4% increase from the previous year). 

2.  Exclusive on-site discounts
The maiden consumer tourism exhibition attracted more than 100,000 public visitors. A total of 32 travel companies participated in the consumer exhibition selling travel products and packages worth more than 20 million yuan to more than 12,000 people.

3.  Consumer-led exhibition and sales
Each of the 32 travel companies had independent and unique travel packages designed especially to suit the needs of the consumers in BITE & NCTF 2010. This was very well-received and won the love of the consumers. For some companies, 10-months worth of sales was made within 3 days in BITE & NCTF 2010. All participating companies gave positive feedback about the consumer exhibition and expressed interest to expand both sales and booth sizes in next year’s exhibition to meet the demands of consumers.

4.  Organised management resulted in a safe and orderly exhibition
The Beijing Tourism Administration Quality Supervision Institution employed 12,301 service personnel for BITE & NCTF 2010. These staff provided services such as information provision, legal advisory, registration and security. With a strengthened on-site team, the selling of counterfeit tickets, theft and robbery have greatly reduced allowing BITE & NCTF 2010 to be an extremely successful and safe exhibition.