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Bayede! wins gold Michelangelo award

Bayede! wins gold Michelangelo award

The innovative South African business initiative titled ‘Bayede!’ has won a highly acclaimed gold award during the 15th annual Michelangelo Label International Wine Awards (MIWA) on September 9th.

Wine tourism
South African wine has a history dating back to 1659, with production mainly concentrated around Cape Town. Wine tasting is one of the major appeals for tourists visiting South Africa and Cape Town.

Bayede!’s Pinotage Reserve 23/40 was one of only 179 labels to receive a gold award at the prestigious MIWA event, selected from a record total of 1,385 wine entries from 226 producers. In accordance with the Michelangelo, only 30% of entries can be awarded a medal.

Caption:  Alex Camerer , Sheilla Camerer Ambassador of Bulgaria, and owners of Welgegund Wine Farm, Antoinette Vermooten CEO Bayede! Marketing Pty Ltd, Ben Vermooten, collecting award.

The Pinotage Reserve was produced on the Welgegund wine farm by Daniel Langenhoven. Pinotage is South Africa’s unique grape variety, with characteristics of deep colour and an intense fruitiness. It is one of the South Africa’s most versatile varieties, with wines across the spectrum of Rose, unwooded juicy everyday table wines as well as expensively-oaked fine wines.


A superior wining and dining experience

Motivated by a desire for excellence, Bayede! recently launched its new wine café on the tranquil Eikendal Vineyards.

Co-owner and Chef of the restaurant, Mark Radnay designed the menu aimed to showcase locally sourced ingredients from. The menu changes weekly, with a twist added to old South African favourites.

The menu layout displays a wine pairing with each of the dishes, making it easier to choose from the wide range of wines on offer. Bayede’s wine tasting experience is unique, as CEO Antoinette Vermooten explains: “It is wine tasting that is not just telling you about the First Royal Signature Wine selection, it tells you about the Zulu culture.”

Bayede! Signature Wines

The Bayede! range of signature wines boasts labels such as the King Shaka Jubilee 2006 and the Queen Mantfombi Brut Rose 2008.

London Opening

Interested holidaymakers no longer have to travel to South Africa to enjoy the fruits of the Bayade! initiative – The Shaka Zulu lounge, restaurant and club opened its doors in London in August 2010 with a royal blessing from the Zulu King.

Showcasing a similar range of cultural, culinary and craft produce, the venue – located over a groundbreaking 27,000 sq ft in The Stables Market, Camden–offers guests a chance to experience the highlights of the Zulu kingdom right here in the UK.

Carved wooden murals cover every inch of Shaka Zulu’s walls and ceiling the venue offers a beautiful space to host private events in. The lower floor complimented by a display of 20ft high warrior statues. The Mezzanine level offers a champagne bar and cocktail lounge overlooking the braai restaurant.

Bayede! range expands, creating job opportunities

The Bayede! project is a unique South African job creation initiative which manufactures homemade ‘high end’ products which carry the Zulu Royal emblem of endorsement. The initiative has gathered momentum as awareness continues to increase about the luxury brand, which reflects Zulu culture and history.

The range of products, which started with signature wines, is rapidly expanding, with the addition of beadwork, textiles, linen, organic soaps, handbags and jewellery.

Bayede! has partnered with African Romance to develop the first Royally Appointed Diamond, gold and platinum jewelry range for the African Continent.

“Our mission is to grow the brand and in doing so create local job opportunities for talented local artisans and producers of quality products.” Antoinette explains.

UK retail giant Harrods, has expressed an interest in the Bayede! product range.

Hail the King!

Endorsed by HM King Goodwill, the Bayede! brand is an attempt by the ruling leader of the Zulu people to boost the local economy. The programme will incorporate both the

Royal Arms and the legend “By Appointment”, to be displayed on products which highlight the skills and traditions of the people.

Translated as ‘Hail the King!’ in Zulu, Bayede! has been shouted by the Zulu tribe to honour their monarch for centuries; with the first references of the phrase dating back as far as the original King Shaka.

King Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu, in conjunction with Her Royal Highness Queen Mantfombi, initiated the project to “give hope to the people of South Africa” and “develop communities”, he explained.

Bayede! is thought to be the first officially labelled royal product range in South Africa; For more information on Bayede! check out our exclusive interview with chief executive Antoinette Vermooten.