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London prepares for Bayede! restaurant

London prepares for Bayede! restaurant

The reigning king of the Zulu nation has endorsed a new Bayede! restaurant in London, set to open later this month.

The Shaka Zulu restaurant – set to open in London’s Camden Market – is an 800 cover establishment, exclusively selling Bayede! wine, while also showcasing products from the South African range.

The property will be officially opened by King Goodwill King Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu; with wine tasting, restaurant tours and Bayede! information on offer throughout the night.

Endorsed by His Majesty King Goodwill, the Bayede! brand is an attempt by the ruling leader of the Zulu people to boost the local economy.

The programme will incorporate both the Royal Arms and the legend “By Appointment”, displayed on products which highlight the skills and traditions of the people.


It is hoped the initiative will boost awareness of the ethic group in South Africa.

Hail the King!

Translated as ‘Hail the King!’ from Zulu, Bayede! has been shouted by the Zulu tribe to honour their monarch for centuries; with the first references of the phrase dating back as far as the original King Shaka. 

King Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu, in conjunction with Her Royal Highness Queen Mantfombi, initiated the project to “give hope to the people of South Africa” and “develop communities”, he explained. 

Bayede! is thought to be the first officially labeled royal product range in South Africa; with products to date including wines, clothing and jewellery.

The opening ceremony of the new Shaka Zulu restaurant is scheduled for March 15th.