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Barclays makes significant savings in new approach to hotel

Barclays makes significant savings in new approach to hotel

The formation of two new roles, a dedicated Business Manager Hotels and a Hotel Audit Consultant, working closely with world class corporate travel services company Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), has secured substantial savings across Barclays UK hotel spend.

Barclays Bank has appointed a permanent Business Manager Hotels in its Global Travel Services team.  The position is already demonstrating value with the successful management of the Barclays’ UK hotel business programme, which has subsequently been extended throughout Europe. The programme includes the analysis of global data for the region booked by Barclays’ agents in more than 40 countries. Through reporting on Management Information (MI) and KPIs, this role has improved supplier relations, policy compliance and, ultimately, generated savings on total accommodation spend.

“This appointment was done in partnership with HRG, so there is now a lot more continuity with our hotel programme,” says Barclays’ Procurement Manager for Global Travel Services, Michael Funnell, “For other companies considering making a similar appointment, I recommend that it has to be in close partnership. There is no benefit employing a Business Manger for hotels and letting them work in isolation.”

Barclays has been using HRG’s in-house reporting tools to pull out key data about their travel programme quickly and easily.  HRG Reporting (TM) has a ‘dashboard’ that can be tailored by users to their own needs, with the additional ability to ‘slice and dice’ information through a mouse click which can filter information in seconds.

“This appointment has strengthened our relationship with hotel suppliers and the role continues to develop to ensure that Barclays always sees a return on investment,” Funnell says.


A Hotel Audit Consultant was appointed with responsibility for pre-trip analysis to catch savings before travel takes place.  The new permanent position at Barclays has been such a success that it now being rolled out across the Asia Pacific region.

Stewart Harvey, Commercial Director at HRG, said: “This is a great example of how sensible and practical management can save a large company hundreds of thousands of pounds in hotel costs,” says HRG’s Commercial Director, Stewart Harvey.  “Average room rates have been reduced by steering business to preferred properties that are offering the best deals.  In addition, new negotiated rates have often included extras such as free Wi-Fi, parking and discounts on food and beverage, all very much appreciated by Barclays’ travelling employees.”