Breaking Travel News’s Bookit Tool called “Pure Genius”’s Bookit Tool called “Pure Genius”

Bookit allows a corporate traveler to search for airfares on any site, then email the selected flights to Short’s for booking and en-route servicing.  Completely automated.  Fast results. Pure genius,” wrote travel industry expert Scott Gillespie in his Gillespie’s Guide to Travel+Procurement last week.

Bookit works with ITA Software by Google’s OntheFly® mobile app by using its email itinerary option.  Bookit can also be used with any consumer site or mobile app that has share it or email capabilities.

B-hivetravel knew its main competition was the consumer sites and made its goal to help individual business travelers and small businesses capture the savings available through lightly managing their program.  Bookit has customers use the apps or sites they love, while b-hivetravel manages things behind the scenes providing a single place for travelers to buy rather than having multiple logins nearby. Business travelers email their flight choice to [email protected] and within three clicks have the trip purchased within company policy, with any applicable discounts, with reporting data captured and unused tickets managed. Bookit usually saves between two to eight clicks when using consumer sites and provides up to $52 in savings per ticket with no fee.

“Small businesses are always looking for ways to save money and Bookit solves this problem,” said David LeCompte, president of and Short’s Travel Management.  “Bookit lets travelers research and book wherever they want and Bookit captures the data to better manage corporate spend.  It saves time, money and frustration for everyone.”

The service will be available December 8, 2011 and will save the average business traveler about eight minutes per booking, which rolls up to 1500 hours per year for a $5 million air spend company.


The exclusive money and time-saving features of Bookit include:

  •   Ensures your purchases are credited to, not only a personal frequent flyer account, but also b-hivetravel’s small business program that lets travelers earn additional free air tickets.

  •   In the event of inclement weather or catastrophe b-hivetravel allows managers to instantly know where travelers are with “Security Dashboards”

  •   Manages all trips and all mileage for entire company

  • Accumulates spend data for better negotiating

    There is no additional fee for the service and those already signed up with need not fill out any additional forms or agreements for the service.