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Azizi Developments goes digital to battle coronavirus outbreak

Azizi Developments goes digital to battle coronavirus outbreak

Azizi Developments has implemented an array of preventative measures across its offices, sales gallery and projects.

Through VCM, its community management provider, Azizi is taking several steps in response to the ongoing global outbreak of Covid-19, in line with healthcare measures being executed by the government and recommendations being given by local and international health authorities.

For its home office and teleworking policy implementation, Azizi has provided its employees with the necessary tools and systems that allow them to work remotely.

Staff are given access to all of the applications and servers of the firm, allowing business to be conducted as usual.

Moreover, Azizi has rolled out a video calling platform that allows customers to get in touch via an audio-visual conference module.


Through this tool, property seekers can get all the information they require in their home purchase-decision making processes in a safe and comfortable manner.

The video calling platform is also being used by customer service to communicate directly with clients, allowing for transparent, immediate, worry-free, seamless and comprehensive interactions and continuous communication at the convenience of the customer.

Farhad Azizi, chief executive of Azizi Developments, said: “This is an important and decisive year for us and the real estate sector as a whole.

“It is crucial for us to go above and beyond when it comes to implementing preventative measures, all while ensuring the continuity and efficiency of our operations and ongoing projects.

“Construction is progressing very swiftly, and home seekers now have more time than ever before to properly inform themselves of all the property investment opportunities that Dubai has to offer.

“With the UAE government once again showing its true merits and leading by example in the fight against Covid-19, Dubai continues to reinforce its standing as one of the safest, happiest and most technologically advanced hubs for business and tourism.

“We are maintaining a vigilant eye on the situation to assess and ensure that ideal measures are implemented to mitigate and help minimise the spread and risk of virus.”