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Australia seeks boost in Chinese tourism

Australia seeks boost in Chinese tourism

Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has outlined plans to invest some $30 million in selling Australia as tourism destination to Chinese travellers.

As part of a wider trade agreement with its increasingly influential neighbour, Mr Rudd explained the deal will see the federal government spend the cash over the next two years.

A bilateral forum on boosting two-way tourism will also be held in Cairns “in the near future”.

“China is expected to emerge as Australia’s number one source market for international visitors in the next few years,” Mr Rudd said in a statement.

The views of the Australian prime minister are in line with those expressed at the Asia Luxury Travel Market, with delegates last week acknowledging China as the dominate force in the region.

As part of the plans, Tourism Australia’s “There’s Nothing like Australia” advertising campaign will be rolled out in China in early August.


Trade Deal

The agreement follows a visit by Chinese vice-president Xi Jinpeng to Australia over the weekend.

During the visit the leaders agreed some $10 billion worth of trade deals, with efforts largely focused on the resources and energy sector.

Telecommunications and training developments were also discussed, as well as a quarantine protocol for exporting Tasmanian apples to China.

Mr Rudd explained the deals would bolster the depth and momentum of the Australia-China relations.

“Australia, as a well regulated and competitive market and a sound investment environment, stands as an important producer and exporter of energy and resources in the world,” concluded Mr Rudd.