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Argentina has experienced a recent increase in its international tourism profile since being classified as a ‘SLIMMA’ nation and being seen to be one of the next emerging economies in the world behind the traditional ‘BRIC’ nations. In November 2011, the decision was made that the Iguazu Falls will be classed as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world for 2012. Alongside this, tourism has risen throughout the whole of Latin America due to the favourable exchange rates with the Argentine Peso to the American Dollar, the British Pound and the Euro.

From the mountainous Salta region and Iguazu Falls in the North to whale watching and glaciers in the flat Patagonian region in the South; the vineyards and Andes in the West to the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires on the Eastern coast, it is no wonder that there has been a dramatic increase in tourism in Argentina who wish to tour the country that offers everything huge range of activities. Webracion Viajes has launched in order to provide exclusive, focused and well priced tours and activities to tourists wishing to travel in Argentina. This recent expansion of the travel agency is due to the change in the tourism market as travellers have become more independent and are now looking for the best and cheapest deals available online due to its ease and the current worldwide economic situation.

BsAs4u was the first in the local travel industry, in Buenos Aires, to offer exclusively online booking services and travel assistance. BsAs4u has the largest catalogue of travel services in Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas. It has more than 100 services available to be booked safely online using a credit card or PayPal. Argentina4u and BsAs4u are supported by Webracion Viajes, a travel agency registered with Argentina’s Secretary of Tourism with an EVT number 14405, which guarantees the reliability of a travel related website and of course, the security that the travellers need to truly enjoy their vacation.

Argentina4u promises to live up to the high standards set by BsAs4u in providing affordable, high quality tours and activities and providing information via their blog about events in Buenos Aires and Argentina, to tourists visiting Argentina. The new online travel agencies such as BsAs4u and Argentina4u are reaping the rewards of the new interest in Argentina and Latin America. More tourists are beginning their travel search online, rather than visiting the traditional travel agencies. This is as the consumer can compare a wide range of travel quotes and search a number of reviews and therefore save money and find the right deal for them.
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