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AnsaldoBreda awarded $300 million contract for new Miami Metro vehicles

AnsaldoBreda awarded $300 million contract for new Miami Metro vehicles

AnsaldoBreda, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded the tender for the supply of 136 new metro cars controlled by Miami Metrorail. The supply, that amounts to about $ 300 million (approximately € 230 million), includes six prototypes and 130 series vehicles.

The vehicles will be the most modern - all equipped with LED lighting with low energy consumption, with a CCTV (closed circuit television) security system, with a Wi-Fi connection for passengers - , and innovatively designed to include, among other things, bicycle racks, folding seats, composite floor panels fully compliant to the specific Florida and U.S. requirements and standards.

“This new AnsaldoBreda success - said the CEO of the company Maurizio Manfellotto - shows how our worldwide re-launching program is achieving the expected results. We are ever more able to offer innovative products both in terms of technology and quality, maintaining a high level of competitiveness. Also on this occasion we get the better of our French and Spanish qualified competitors, leaders in the rolling-stock sector. “

AnsaldoBreda is one of the main metro vehicle supplier, with a fleet of more than 1,000 cars circulating in several American cities, like Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Cleveland and San Francisco. Most recently the first refurbished vehicles entered into service in Buffalo, while the Honolulu driverless metro is currently under construction in partnership with Ansaldo STS (a railway signaling company).

“Our presence in the U.S. market is deep-rooted - said Mr. Manfellotto -. Our metros and our trams are well-known and appreciated for their high degree of reliability, and the U.S. market experienced the technical quality of our products as well as the timekeeping in their supply.”


The components for these new metro vehicles will be produced in our facilities located in Naples and Reggio Calabria and assembled in a new plant that AnsaldoBreda will build in the county of Miami-Dade.

During the last weeks AnsaldoBreda was even awarded the over € 200 million contract for the new metro vehicles in Milan for the lines 1 and 2, whose operational service is foreseen for the 2015 EXPO.