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Amtrak measures its Carbon footprint

Amtrak measures its Carbon footprint

Amtrak recently achieved Climate Registered™ status by successfully measuring its carbon footprint according to The Climate Registry’s best-in-class program, then having it third party verified and reporting the data on The Registry’s website. With this status, Amtrak takes a major step toward reducing its energy usage, costs and carbon emissions.

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization founded to set standards for businesses and governments to calculate, verify and publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Registry program has helped Amtrak calculate its complete carbon footprint from throughout its operation, including sources such as electricity use, facilities and station operations and motor vehicles.

“Measuring our carbon footprint with The Registry allows us to identify inefficiencies and potential for cost savings, and provide meaningful data to customers about environmental performance,” said Roy Deitchman, Vice President of Environmental, Health, and Safety at Amtrak. “With the completion of the 2010 Greenhouse Gas Inventory, we have established a baseline against which we can set future goals and prepare for future regulation.”

Approximately 80 percent of Amtrak’s 2010 emissions resulted from the operation of rolling stock, which includes diesel and electric locomotives. Through partnerships with organizations like The Climate Registry, Amtrak continues to look for ways to contribute to the nation’s environmental health by attracting automobile and airline travelers, while simultaneously exploring options or improving efficiency and reducing fossil fuel consumption.

“Climate Registered organizations understand that there are both environmental and economic benefits to understanding and managing your carbon footprint,” said David Rosenheim, Executive Director of The Climate Registry. “Amtrak has become part of a powerful community of Climate Registered organizations, with substantive data guiding and supporting its sustainable activities.”