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Amadeus completes acquisition of ICM Group of Australia

Amadeus completes acquisition of ICM Group of Australia

Amadeus has completed the acquisition of ICM Group, the ultimate head office of ICM Airport Technics, for an undisclosed sum.

ICM, a global leader in passenger automation and self-service bag drop solutions for airports and airlines based in Sydney, Australia, will complement Amadeus’ offering for airport operations.

Thanks to this deal, Amadeus is now able to design, configure, implement, operate and support all airport systems needed to manage passengers and their baggage from end-to-end.

Importantly, the addition of ICM’s leading portfolio of solutions strengthens Amadeus’ ability to re-imagine check-in, boarding and security in ways that significantly enhance the traveller experience, improve efficiency of operations and reduce costs.

ICM serves a range of world-class airports and airlines, principally in APAC and Europe.


Since 2009, the group has processed more than 75 million bags worldwide and is a global leader in providing airports and airlines with either retrofitted or replacement type auto bag drop units.

Bruno Spada, executive vice president airport IT at Amadeus, explained: “Airports are investing in open self-service solutions to address capacity challenges and take the friction out of the airport experience for passengers.

“By combining Amadeus’ and ICM’s software and hardware capabilities, and by using the power of biometrics, this deal announced today will ensure that together we can deliver better journeys for passengers in the future.

“Combining ICM and Amadeus’ advanced technology expertise will provide an open platform for airport innovation, and will act as a trampoline for growth for Amadeus and ICM in the coming years ahead.”

With the deal now complete, approximately 150 ICM employees will join Amadeus.

The group will also formally become part of Amadeus’ Airport IT division, operating as largely-self-contained businesses.

This will allow Amadeus to take advantage of all possible synergies with ICM, while also exploring and continue developing each unit’s capabilities.