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Alstom to design and test its ERTMS-based train control solution in Denmark

Alstom to design and test its ERTMS-based train control solution in Denmark

Banedanmark, the Danish railway infrastructure owner, has awarded Alstom a contract worth around €25 million to design and test Atlas, its ERTMS/ETCS on-board Level 2 solution. This solution meets the latest ERTMS standard and will be potentially deployed on 789 trains, mainly non Alstom-made ones, operated by 41 Operators on the Fjerbane Danish network.

The design phase will last approximately 2 years. Development and deployment of the solution for the 789 trains would last about 6 additional years. During the design phase, Alstom and Banedanmark teams will jointly work in Copenhagen (Denmark) in cooperation with Alstom site of Charleroi (Belgium) which has already delivered similar equipment in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. A centre of competencies in maintenance and data management service located in Copenhagen would contribute to fully industrialize the deployment process of the new on-board signalling systems.

The Fjerbane Danish network consists of approximately 2.000 km track line and 300 stations. Alstom’s on-board solution would enable Banedanmark and Operators to increase its operational performance, as well as it will improve punctuality for travellers in Denmark.

This on-board ERTMS contract is part of a €2.4 billion programme decided by the Danish Parliament in January 2009 to renew all Danish railways signalling before 2021.

Andreas Knitter, SVP Alstom Transport for North Europe stated: “Alstom is a key player in providing on-board equipment for European interoperability. We are delighted to share once again our experience with Banedanmark after Alstom was awarded few weeks ago a €300 million contract to replace the existing signalling system in the East region of Denmark with its trackside ERTMS solution. We are looking forward to pursue this long-term partnership and to further reinforce our local presence in Denmark. ”


Jesper Hansen, CEO of Banedanmark said: “By signing contract with Alstom, we are entering into close cooperation with a supplier which is able to deliver both a technically modern and a mature solution. Alstom has proven this aspect in operation. “

1 ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) is a system for the management and control of the rail traffic on the lines of the Trans-European Networks. The ETCS (European Train Control System) is one of the components of the ERTMS. It was designed to enable trains to quickly cross borders, ensuring the safety of rail traffic.