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Airbus remains streets ahead of Boeing

Airbus remains streets ahead of Boeing

European aviation giant Airbus remained well ahead of bitter rival Boeing in terms of aircraft sales in August, due largely to the success of its A320 family of jets.

In total, Airbus sold 1,015 aircraft between January and August this year.

This compares to a rather modest looking 370 at American rival Boeing.

In an attempt to challenge Airbus’s revamped A320neo family, Boeing said last month it planned to roll out a more efficient version of its best-selling 737 narrow-body with a new engine in 2017.

The new model, named the 737 MAX, will compete with the revamped A320neo family, a similar model due to be equipped with fuel-saving engines and delivered in 2015.

Engine Wars

However, doubt has already been cast over the validity of the project.

David Hess, chief executive of engine maker Pratt & Whitney, said earlier Boeing may be forced to cut short the lifespan of the revamped airliner after choosing to small an engine.

“Time will tell. Boeing responded to pressure and if they feel they do not have a competitive airplane against the A320neo, they may be forced to accelerate or look at their plans for a new plane,” he said.

Pratt & Whitney provides the Geared Turbofan engine to the Airbus A320neo.

The Boeing 737 MAX will be powered exclusively by the CFM-produced LEAP-X engine.