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Air China joins SAFUG

Air China joins SAFUG

Air China will become a member of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG). Being the first Chinese airline of the Group, Air China will be in line with other members to support the commercial use of lower carbon renewable fuels, derived from environmentally and socially sustainable sources, to achieve a broader aim of achieving carbon-neutral growth across the industry.

Established in 2008, SAFUG is a world-leading working group on aviation biofuel, dedicated to support the development and commercialization of sustainable and renewable aviation fuel. By joining the Group, Air China will participate in the industry-leading study on aviation biofuel, and share its existing experience in the aviation biofuel flight test.

In recent years, Air China consistently pursues sustainable development, and considers environmental protection as an important social responsibility. The Company decisions, day-to-day operations and other relevant activities are guided on the principles of energy efficiency and emission reduction. Furthermore, Air China also endeavors to minimize its environmental impact by adopting new aircraft and flight technologies. In early 2011, Air China published the Corporate Environmental Policy, which commits to pursue effective environmental management throughout all business practices, and actively participate in industrial and international cooperation, to encourage the relevant low-carbon studies and solutions of aviation industry, such as aviation biofuel.

To fulfill this commitment, Air China will work jointly with Boeing, Petro China, UOP and other key stakeholders to implement the first biofuel flight in China late this year. Significantly, the biofuel is produced from locally grown plants. A transpacific biofuel flight is also expected to be implemented afterwards. These demonstration flights are considered to assist in generating excitement and support from corporate, regulatory and relevant entities, and will be a great path to future development.
Air China’s efforts to enhance its participation in aviation biofuel development is an important driver towards a sustainable and clean future.