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Aer Lingus unveils new brand as it seeks further transatlantic expansion

Aer Lingus unveils new brand as it seeks further transatlantic expansion

Aer Lingus has unveiled its new livery and brand during a green-carpet event in Dublin.

During the ceremony in hanger six at Dublin Airport, chief executive Sean Doyle revealed an Airbus A330-300 - nicknamed St Munchin - in the new colours before an industry audience.

He explained the move was part of a wider ambition to make Aer Lingus the leading value carrier across the Atlantic.

“Aer Lingus is seeking to take advantage of a number of opportunities: one is Dublin as a gateway over the Atlantic, the second is the pace of economic growth and inward investment in Ireland and the third is development in aircraft technology,” he explained.

“Combine these and they offer a bright future for Aer Lingus and Ireland.”

He added: “The colours are an important part of our ambitions – people have an emotional engagement with the brand and that is very valuable.

“We are conscience of that and this new brand reveals our confidence in what we offer.”

The new livery – the first in 20 years for the airline – will be rolled out in the coming years, with the process expected to be completed by 2021.

A new crew uniform is also under development and is expected to be revealed later in the year.

Aer Lingus has added Los Angeles, Newark, Hartford, Miami, Philadelphia, and Seattle to its route map since 2015, with Montreal and Minneapolis to follow this year.

The IAG-owned carrier will also grow its fleet from 17 to 30 planes by 2023.

Its A330 fleet will grow to 16 aircraft (from 13 in 2017), while the carrier will also invest in 14 new A321neo long-range aircraft.

“The A321neo long-range is super-efficient and will open-up a range of destinations that are today unreachable by Aer Lingus,” explained Doyle.

“At the same time, it will allow for the introduction of a new business class product.”

Doyle also confirmed the carrier would look again toward the middle of 2019 at which North American routes might be added during any further expansion.

Speaking in Dublin, Mike Rutter, chief operating officer for Aer Lingus, said the development of Dublin as a hub airport would be vital for the success of the strategy.

“In 2015, the airline was repositioned to become the leading value carrier across the north Atlantic – we are a small, proud and incredibly smart country, one that has always punched above its weight,” he explained.

“We now have a business model, based through Dublin, which will see 50 per cent of our guests using the airport to transit to North America from Europe.

“This will make Aer Lingus less susceptible to economic fluctuations.”

Aer Lingus chief executive Sean Doyle unveiled the new livery in Dublin earlier

New Brand

The new logo retains but restyles the Irish shamrock, adding a tilt to symbolise dynamism and speed, with heart-shaped leaves reflecting the warmth and hospitality of the brand, according to Aer Lingus.

Guests will see four shamrocks on the new livery. 

The first is within the new logo, the second sits on the tailfin, a third welcomes guests at the door, and a final surprise on the wingtip is in prime position for capturing on social media.

The Aer Lingus logo font has changed to ‘diodrum’ and the dominant colour is teal.

The new-liveried Airbus A330 will take to the skies for the first time tomorrow.

Flight EI105 will be met by a reception in John F. Kennedy International Airport, while Heathrow Airport will welcome the new liveried Airbus A320 on Monday when it makes its first appearance in the UK.

The new look Aer Lingus brand will be introduced today across the app, website, guest check in and boarding gates. 

The brand refresh is being delivered in keeping with Aer Lingus’ value carrier model, as part of the company’s business as usual aircraft painting programme.

All new aircraft will be delivered sporting the new livery.

More Information

See some shots from the launch in Dublin here.