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€49 Regional Rail Pass Now Available to All Passengers in Portugal

€49 Regional Rail Pass Now Available to All Passengers in Portugal

€49 Regional Rail Pass Now Available to All Passengers in Portugal
The pass will function like any other pass and is included in the State Budget this year.

The pass allows passengers to travel in any regional service train on any route. The pass does not work on other devices, such as Alfa Pendular and InterRegional trains, Intercidades and Internacional services, or Urban services, in Porto, Lisbon, and Coimbra.

The pass, which became valid on 1 August, allows its holders to travel by any regional train regardless of their origin or destination. Nevertheless, certain areas are not covered by the pass. These include the Alentejo Litoral area and the Coimbra region.

The following sections are also not included: Regua - Pocinho (Douro Line), Coimbra - Figueira da Foz, Pinhal Novo - Evora (Alentejo Line), Pinhal Novo - Vila Nova da Barronia (Alentejo Line), Pinhal Novo - Tunes (Southern Line).

To purchase a rail ticket, you must visit the CP ticket office. You can buy a pass from the 21st day of the month prior to the desired month.


The ticket cannot be used to pay for the difference between a train of the same category and another.

The National Pass is only available to those who have a CP Client Card. This can be obtained at the ticket office by presenting: an official identification document, such as a passport, driving license, or identity card; a recent (original) passport type colour photograph.

The authorities in European countries have intensified their efforts to improve eco-friendly modes of transport such as rail transportation, and to tighten connections between European cities, regions, and countries, for both domestic and international travel.

The European Union Agency for Railways announced previously that it plans to adapt Europe’s rail regulations to pan-European travel to encourage more passengers to choose trains over other modes of transport.

Georges Gilkinet, a politician from Belgium, said previously that the authorities of EU countries should prohibit short-haul flight and replace it with better train services.