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14 tourism spring festivals blooming in Saudi Arabia

14 tourism spring festivals blooming in Saudi Arabia

As spring blooms, students get ready for their break and different parts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia have geared up to embrace more than 14 tourism events.

Supported by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), tourism development councils throughout the provinces, in collaboration with the Amaras and relevant partners, are fully ready for the spring events. This year, tourist events are well organized, diverse, and include various cultural, social, heritage, sports, and entertainment activities that meet the aspirations of all social categories.

His Excellency Mr. Abdullah Al Jehani, Vice President of SCTA for the Tourism Sector affirmed: “SCTA pays great attention to promote tourism trips domestically during school short breaks along the year to different parts of the kingdom to enable them to enjoy tourism events, in addition to the visit other natural, historical, and cultural locations.”

Al Jehani referred to the social role of these events, which contribute in the enhancement of social and family cohesion, in addition to creating jobs locally, reviving the local economic cycle, and providing proper outlets for marketing products of the productive families.

Al Jehani urged tour companies across the KSA to offer tourist programs that meet the aspirations of the Saudi families during this holiday. He also urged tourist accommodation facilities to help SCTA in its effort to promote domestic tourism through improvement in their levels of service offered, as well as charging moderate prices to the tourists.


Each province in the kingdom has a special character with unique cultural and natural features, which make tourists’ tours rich and enjoyable. Citizens across the provinces welcome their fellow citizens as visitors or tourists coming from other parts of the country. SCTA, in its awareness programs, has succeed in making tourism an important economic and social activity in which society’s different sectors interact.

Al Jehani further said that this large number of events, which evolved gradually, have matured year after year as a result of solid partnership drive, adopted by SCTA with the provinces.

Spring’s scheduled events, which will be held under the sponsorship of SCTA, include youth-oriented heritage events during Hail Rally, Souk Al Garya in Al Ghat Town, the “Khail and Hail” festival in Tabuk, in addition to Jazan heritage events, the Tourism Week in Najran, the Al Ahsa Countryside festival in the Eastern Province, and the Al Jouf Festival in Sakaka.

Many other events will be held by the partners of SCTA including Heritage Village in Jazan, the Al Baha Spring Festival, and the Al Msqoof Festival of Onaiza in Al Qaseem Province.

Also, the Saudi tourism official website, , provides detailed information about tourism events across the kingdom.