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10 activities for adventure lovers on Guam

10 activities for adventure lovers on Guam

Tired of filling your downtime doing the same old same old? A little taste of adventure is sure to spice things up. The good news? With everything from amusement parks to Zorbing, there’s no shortage of exciting activities for adventure lovers on Guam. Take your pick!


While some consider diving to be more of a relaxing leisure activity, there is always something adventurous about strapping on a tank and heading 100 feet below sea level never knowing what impressive ocean life you might encounter. The Blue Hole and 11-Mile Reef are two of Guam’s more adventurous dives. Want the scoop on the island’s most spectacular SCUBA spots?


There’s always a chance you will run into a shark or two while diving at Gun Beach, Cocos Island, or Gab Gab II, but it’s never guaranteed. It is absolutely guaranteed at UnderWater World on their island-famous shark dive! In addition to sharks, you will swim with stingrays, guitarfish, sea turtles, and a host of tropical reef fish. Not a certified diver? They’ve got you covered. Contact UnderWater World to schedule a shark-diving adventure.



There’s nothing like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane to spike your adrenaline. Take the plunge and experience the one-of-a-kind thrill of free-falling through the sky during a tandem jump with Skydive Guam. Take in some breathtaking island views from up above and walk away having experienced the ultimate rush.


Want to do something adventurous but not ready for the fear-for-your-life intensity of skydiving? Parasailing offers the perfect level of sky-high adventure for those who prefer to stay closer to home. Float in the sky above the ocean with the help of a parachute while you’re pulled along Guam’s beautiful coastlines by a speedboat. For more information about parasailing, contact Alupang Beach Club or the Ocean Jet Club.


Kayaking is a fun way to explore Guam’s less accessible coastlines and outer rock islands. Pack a picnic and head out to Cocos Island for hiking and bird watching. Or load up your snorkel gear and venture out to Anae island for fish, crab, and lobster sightings. Keep an eye out for turtles and dolphins along the way. Looking to buy a kayak? Alupang Beach Club sells new and used ocean kayaks.


With overgrown trails, rocky terrain, and a perpetual chance for rain, hiking on Guam is always an adventure. Guam has a number of intriguing caves, beautiful waterfalls, and rugged mountains that are worth the trek. Like any adventure, boonie stomping comes with its potential safety hazards, so it’s always best to go with someone who has hiked that site before and knows the ropes. Check out Guam Boonie Stompers for information about weekly guided hikes to all sorts of awesome hidden spots on Guam.


Spend the day off shore with one of Guam’s many deep sea fishing charters and join the hunt for marlin, wahoo, and tuna. Popular companies include Sail Fish Guam, Heritage Boat Charters, and Fantasea Charters. Take home a slice of the catch and have the freshest possible fish for dinner.


Not afraid of a little mud on the tires? Guam’s rugged hills make for some fantastic (and difficult!) mountain biking trails, especially in the jungles behind Nimitz Hill and Leo Palace. In fact, the island is host to the annual XTERRA Triathalon in the spring. Guam’s race is a now championship level competition that brings in top off-road triathletes from all over the world. Clip in and ride on!


Ever heard of globe-riding? It’s the New Zealand-based sport of riding down a hill in a large, inflatable globe. Head to Leo Palace and try out globe-riding for yourself at Zorb Guam. Described as a cross between a waterslide and a roller coaster, Zorbing is a unique thrill you won’t soon forget!


Tired of spending date night at the movies? Check out Guam’s Tagada Amusement Park in Tamuning for a night of exciting rides. The park’s attractions include bumper cars, the Viking Ship, and the ever popular DJ-operated Tagada Disco. Come ready for a good time, and get your scream on!