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Your ultimate checklist for a spectacular New Zealand vacation

Your ultimate checklist for a spectacular New Zealand vacation

As far as vacations go, New Zealand is on most people’s bucket lists.

Tucked away in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand has three main landmasses and a significant number of smaller islands.

While sun and sand are likely to jump at you, New Zealand has a lot more to offer from incredible sceneries to a massive underground cave system, to glaciers and wildlife.

Because this gem is far from most countries, you must plan properly to avoid getting yourself in tricky situations. This article will outline everything you need to do for you to enjoy a spectacular trip to New Zealand.

1. Get All Required Documentation
If your country does not have consular representation in New Zealand, you will require a passport that is valid for three months after departure from New Zealand.

There are no vaccination requirements. However, visitors are required to obtain a New Zealand Electronic Trust Authority (NZe TA) and pay the International Visitor Conservation Levy (IVL).
Ensure to visit Immigration New Zealand for more in-depth details.

2. Make Reservations Early
Because New Zealand is a preferred destination for many people, it’s wise to make arrangements for your reservations as early as possible.

In the peak seasons, New Zealand’s cities get strained with the tourists that flock in.

For this reason, consider staying outside the big cities. If you are lucky, these spots will be less crowded, more affordable, and you can get accommodations with great views.

A simple way to do this is to identify the smaller cities and suburbs then use a search engine to specifically find results of accommodations in those particular places.

3. Give Thought to Inland Travels
New Zealand cities and suburbs have a relatively efficient public transport system consisting of both buses and trains.

However, to really see and experience New Zealand, its best to have a more flexible mode of transport.

This allows you to travel at any time and to drive off the beaten track to explore different aspects of the country. New Zealand self drive tours are a hit with tourists that love the freedom to explore.

4. Safety First
If your country’s state department has a travel advisory app, ensure you subscribe to this before you get on your flight.

Governments help ensure their citizen’s safety by sending them timely information regarding current and upcoming travel restrictions, civil unrest and strikes.

These alerts will be instrumental in helping you identify possible problem areas so that you can avoid them.

5. Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is the best way to protect yourself overseas. You can get an individual policy or one for the entire family if they will be coming along.

Among the key benefits of travel insurance is medical and evacuation. Nothing dampens your vacation spirits like an injury or a severe illness. But it does happen.

Travel insurance ensures that your medical bills are catered for and that you are evacuated to your country if you so wish.

Another thing it covers is unexpected changes in your trip. These include flight cancellations and last-minute changes to your travel schedule.

6. Get Your Money in Order
Notify your credit card issuer and bank about your intent to travel in advance. At times, your bank will decline purchases if they come from an unknown location.

Getting them in the loop of your plans to travel eliminates this inconvenient scenario.
Similarly, find out what their international ATM fees are, and pack two to three cards in case one of them malfunctions.

7. Have Your Wits About You
Travel is unpredictable, and often, one or two things could go wrong despite laying out the best plans.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it.

However, ensure you have all you need and have your wits about you. Look at this an adventure and endeavour to enjoy every moment of it.