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Holidays in Norway - what impresses in Norway and why you should visit it

Holidays in Norway - what impresses in Norway and why you should visit it

Norway is a country of contrasts: you can find frozen tundra and the most beautiful coastline as well as trendy cities presenting outstanding museums and shopping centers.  Trips to Norway are usually famous for visiting spectacular fjords, mountains, and islands. Norwegian tours guarantee fantastic experiences and unforgettable memories as Norway is one of the most dramatic countries in the world.

Whether watching the unbelievable dance of northern lights in winter or hiking on a massive glacier in summer, tours of Norway offer great adventure in any season. The country is full not only of fantastic landscapes, but it is famous for Viking history, outstanding local culture, and warm, welcoming people. One can find architectural and historical gems in city museums as well as in the countryside. The cosmopolitan cities feature highlights of the modern Scandinavian way of life famous for simple though elaborate style.

However, natural beauty is undoubtedly the best what this country can offer.

Norway is probably best known for its stunning fjords. The most popular way of admiring the fjords is on a fjord cruise or the legendary rail trip (Flam Railway) visiting picturesque Bergen and tiny fjord villages.

Another unforgettable experience is to Climb the Trolltunga
Hiking to Trolltunga is definitely a quite unique experience. It is a daunting adventure, definitely not for the faint-hearted. At the top, if you are brave enough to walk out to the tip of the “Tongue”, you will feel the sense of floating and will be able to indulge in the unbelievable fjord landscape viewing the glacier Folgefonna. Hike to Trolltunga is a very unique experience, but you should do so with an experienced guide, regardless of the season.

Good tips for tourists: 
Drinking coffee overlooking the Fjords. In many paces of Norway you can enjoy the luxury of drinking coffee or other beverages in cozy restaurants and coffee shops overlooking the Fjords.

Olé in Geiranger is an exceptional modern coffee bar offering delicious and stylish gastronomy while overlooking the beautiful Geiranger Fjord.

Walk on the Nygardsbreen Glacier is an experience not to be missed. Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedal is one of the easiest to hike and most accessible glaciers in the fjords area in Western Norway. You can go for a wide range of well-organized glacier hikes on the blue ice there.  No experience or special equipment needed, just warm clothes and good shoes. The walks on Nigardsbreen can be done in groups of any size. Experienced guides will guide you and provide you with all the necessary equipment. 

Get face to face with the largest glacier of Europe!
Find out your future in a Viking village. If you want to experience the Viking freeman life truly, become a Freeman of Njardarheimr. It is an opportunity to experience the Viking age uniquely and extraordinarily and start your journey into the Viking age, becoming a part of the Viking town. All year round, there is the possibility to come and join the Viking community. Njardarheimr is a busy and very picturesque location with visitors from all over the world.

Traveling to Norway is never disappointing. Whether admiring the fantastic landscapes or enjoying the cultural heritage and being a part of it, Norway will bring adventure into your life in any season for travelers of any age.