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You Really Should Check Out These Awesome Travel Bloggers

You Really Should Check Out These Awesome Travel Bloggers

Travelling used to be a luxury reserved for the privileged and exceedingly wealthy. However, times have changed, gaps have closed, costs have been reduced and now it’s more accessible than it’s ever been. Whether you’re a wealthy businessman or a struggling student, the doors to travel have opened wide and there are options and budgets to suit everyone. Many people have made it their careers to carve new paths for others to follow, simultaneously documenting their experiences and inspiring fellow travellers, with recognition also going to companies that make it possible to set up online travel blogs and let people start writing their own stories.

True, it’s not for everyone - being away from family and loved ones takes its toll - but these travellers have followed their hearts in the quest of satisfying the internal fire for adventure, and have provided us with numerous travel adventures to inspire us to finally take that trip we’ve always wanted.

Johnny Ward, writer and owner of the site, is one of the most successful travel bloggers currently roaming the planet, and certainly the wealthiest. Since starting out in 2008, he’s made over $1.5 million, no mean feat when you consider that he’s not slaving away in an office and rarely doing more than 10 hours of work per week. His blog is a treasure trove of travel stories, inspirational content as well as practical vacation advice. It’s worth listening to as well, at least if experience is a yardstick of credibility. That’s because Johnny’s visited every country in the world at least once. That’s right, North Korea, too.

The Blonde Abroad
If the thought of travelling alone as a woman has ever been a concern or a deterrent in any way, then look to The Blonde Abroad for inspiration. Its chief writer is Kiersten, a Californian native who, since leaving home, travelled to over 65 different countries. Like many travel writers and bloggers, she ditched the traditional path in life - she worked for a laudable financial firm in LA but quickly realized the corporate life wasn’t for her - in favour of perpetual travel and exploration. Her adventures have taken her places as far-flung as South Africa to Peru. 66 countries down, still plenty more to go.

Nomadic Boys
Couple Stefan and Sebastien decided that the corporate life in London wasn’t them, and hit the road in 2014 with the goal of experiencing new culinary adventures over the globe as well as discovering the different gay scenes in every country they visit. “We like to make local gay friends to experience the culture and gay scene from their perspective,” their website says, inspiring a specific section on their site titled Gay Stories. Their goal is not just to explore, but to support LGBT businesses along the way, as well as visit countries that may not be wholly friendly towards LGBT people. As far as gay travel blogs go, it’s one of the biggest in the world and is not only a great resource for travel advice, but also just an inspiring story.

Dan Flying Solo
With over 1,000 days of travel under his belt, Daniel James isn’t a novice to wandering the globe. He crafts meticulous guides to different countries and continents that are ideal for providing useful and in-depth information that is still entertaining to read. He’s also a gifted photographer, and his photos and videos provide breathtaking context to all of his adventures.  When he’s not travelling, he’s designing websites by night, which lifts the veil of mystique when it comes to wondering how someone pays for such extensive travel. Of course, the blog helps too, but Dan’s story is proof that even freelancers can live on the road if they’re savvy and dedicated enough.