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Why the Costa Blanca Remains So Popular

Why the Costa Blanca Remains So Popular

The Costa Blanca has long been known as a popular holiday destination for holiday makers from around the world, and it seems that trend is continuing as December 2017 saw a record 45% occupancy throughout selected hotels. Since the late fifties British tourism has come to bloom at the Costa Blanca when direct flights between England en Valencia were offered. For those interested in discovering Spain, a dedicated travel website such as will show a wide variety of opportunities available to enjoy holidays throughout the region, and even to consider purchasing a property.

But, why should you? Well, let’s examine a few positive aspects of the Costa Blanca that continue to attract more and more people every year.

The Costa Blanca’s Continued Success
Climate - The Costa Blanca typically enjoys a comfortable Mediterranean climate, which means long warm summers and very short mild winters - that makes it a popular destination throughout the year. Given its coastal location the region also enjoys the benefit of prevailing sea breezes, meaning despite higher average temperatures it never feels uncomfortable to be out in the sun.
History and Architecture - The whole region is steeped in history, and while there are plenty of modern conveniences to keep life comfortable one can still enjoy the unfiltered local culture of many historic fishing towns and idyllic Spanish countryside. So, whether you’re looking for a holiday where you can go and explore or enjoy the authentic historic buildings, or you want to be able to just relax comfortably on a beautiful beach - the Cost Blanca offers a lot of opportunity for both cultural exploration and a comfortable relaxing experience.

Current Popularity of the Costa Blanca
The popularity of the region doesn’t just mean you can be assured of the good weather and the fantastically beautiful surroundings, it also means that when you arrive there is already the infrastructure in place to facilitate an enjoyable stay. So for example, everywhere you go along the Costa Blanca you will find people and businesses that are both willing and able to communicate with you in English - minimising any difficulty you may have in settling in a foreign climate. They are used to dealing with tourists, so there will be no danger of anything being lost in translation or you finding difficulty in getting where you need to go.

Whether for a holiday or to purchase a second home, you’re guaranteed to love the Costa Blanca.