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All you’ve been waiting for . . . La Tuscia!

All you’ve been waiting for . . . La Tuscia!

La Tuscia is located just North of Rome Italy in the province of Viterbo known as The City of the Popes. It’s a region that defines a deep historic and cultural heritage linked by the ancient peoples of the area known as the Etruscans and later the Romans; and, beyond that, the Italian Renaissance. The famous Italian writer and director Pier Paolo Pasolini described this territory as “the most beautiful vista in the world,” characterized by craggy-rock formations that alternate with lush vegetation divinely laid out upon the Earth.

La Tuscia is a historical landscape rich with breathtaking “Borghi” (or boroughs): Civita di Bagnoregio (aka The Dying Village), Capranica and Tarquinia just to name a few. In this one-of-a-kind region, the visitor can experience a multitude of natural beauty and historical sites that make this territory one of the most unique in Italy.

One of the best kept Italian secrets! La Tuscia’s natural white sandy coastline which abounds with real sand-dunes and extraordinary Mediterranean vegetation. From the sea, pushing inland, the territory is initially flat in the Maremma area and then hilly to Mount Cimino that stands at over 1000 meters above sea level and then descends into the historic Tiber valley.

This ancient volcanic landscape favores two lake basins, Bolsena lake (the first volcanic lake in Europe) and lake Vico, both natural oases of rare beauty in these now extinct and magnificent craters. And there’s much much more, including thermal waters, sulfur baths and gastronomic wonders of simple yet genuine culinary delights made from products provided by local Italian farmers and producers - all there to satisfy the most demanding tourist.

Promozioni Alberghi is an association founded in 2010 by the need to be able to educate and attract the foreign tourist to La Tuscia, one of the most fascinating undiscovered regions of Italy. Stephen Scott, our Director of Sales North America, has been promoting the region for years now and says “many hoteliers in the La Tuscia region of Italy work closely with us in order to effectively reach new markets, expand their client-base and increase their visibility in North America – Why? Because American tourists have been among the greatest supporters, worldwide, of Italian culture, and, Italy as a travel destination.”