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Why Florida is the best family holiday destination in the world

Why Florida is the best family holiday destination in the world

There isn’t long before your little ones will be big ones who are more inclined towards taking a spring break with their friends, than going on a family holiday. This means you have a handful of years, during which they’re old enough to remember, but young enough to still enjoy hanging out with mum and dad, to make truly awesome family memories on holiday. 
You may have already realized this which is why this article has grabbed your attention.  Well here it is, the destination you are looking for, an incredible family vacation that will get your hearts racing and you faces smiling. Where in years to come you can still flick through the album and enjoy the magical moments you made together.

Theme Parks and Accommodation
Yes, Florida offers theme parks aplenty. Some are arguably the best in the world, but let’s face it, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For those of you that do love the thrill of a roller coaster, or the chance to stroll down Diagon Alley, or indeed the opportunity to swim with dolphins, then this is the destination for you.
For those of you who recoil at the idea of sweaty queues and tacky rides, fear not because Florida has so much more to offer. Look for the hotels, b&b’s, resorts, and the kind of villas that will keep the children entertained within its very walls while you relax in the sun. Browse through Solterra Resort, where elegant living spaces flow into sun drenched private pool areas and the kids themed rooms will have them begging for bedtime. 

There are also the beaches, where warm, pale gold grains of sand slip between your toes and a salty breeze passes over the sea. All of the usual watersports are on offer and the gentle slope towards the sea creates the perfect environment for littles ones to enjoy a spot of wading, under the watchful eye of the attentive lifeguards, of course.

For families that enjoy a spot of nature, Florida is awash with national parks and nature reserves. Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States protecting the ecosystem that is home to an astonishing abundance of wildlife. Here families can throw on their hiking boots and explore the wetlands while keeping a keen eye on alligators and crocodiles.
Bike paths wind their way around the park, and for the more adventurous families there is the opportunity to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars surrounded by the unique sounds of nature.

For a little piece of heaven that the whole family can enjoy, head to Kelly Park, an idyllic destination, where visitors can slip into crystal clear hot springs and enjoy bathing in 68 degree waters sourced from underground rivers. Even in this stunning setting, there is some adrenalin laced fun for the young ones with a shallow run offering the ideal spot for tubing or the opportunity to launch a kayak or canoe for a scenic paddle down the subtropical forest.